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Using Custom Client Agent Settings for real-world scenarios in V.next

We’re currently working on a configuration manager v.next beta 1 implementation for a customer, who is interested in adopting v.next at an early stage, in order to deliver software distribution features to their global estate (whilst reducing the amount of required infrastructure compared to CM2007).

The customer in question has a large number of branch sites located around the globe, each which contain less than 10 users, and have poor links to the WAN (usually a VPN connection).

Installing a DP or BDP is not an option, and would present a management overhead which would be impractical and complicated – certainly for the small amount of software distribution which will occur to these sites.

Well, a very simple but fantastic option which exposes the custom client agent settings in v.next is available to us here. What we can do is configure individual collections for each branch site which contain the workstations relevant to those sites. We can then create and assign a custom client agent setting to these branch sites, which will restrict the amount of bandwidth we wish to make available to them via BITS. Very simple but very effective. This could arguably have been done using a group policy, but being able to manage this via ConfigMgr is much more desirable.

Here is how it would be achieved.

Collections which relate to each branch site are created:

Create a custom Client Agent Setting:

Tweak settings as relevant:

Assign to the relevant collection(s):

Job done!

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